The BIG Move From Lake Champlain to Lake Memphremagog in December of 2012 -one for the history books!

The Norther Star moves to Lake Memphremagog
Northern Star Cruises begins
Ready to go to Newport Vermont
Northern Star cruises in Newport Vermont
Northern Star almost back together
Northern star cruises interior
Northern Star upper deck is removed
Moonlight Lady renamed
Northern Star underway on Lake Champlain
Welding the northern star back together
changing the name from Moonlight Lady to Northern Star
northern star cruises not far away
welcome aboard the northern star on lake memphremagog in newport vermont
Moonligh Lady moves to Newport Vermont
Northern Star at Echo Science Center
Hauling of the Northern Star
Northern Star on Lake Memphremagog
second deck of northern star is on
northern star ready for dinner cruises
Northern Star in Burlington Vermont
NOthern Star BIg Move
Charlebois moves boat to Newport Vermont
Northern Star wheel House goes on
cozy interior of the northern star cruise boat
two climate controlled decks on the Northern Star

The Yacht Northern Star offers a unique blend of the finest dining, wines, entertainment and service found on International Lake Memphremagog in Northern Vermont. Make the most of your vacation, corporate event, birthday and any other occasion aboard
the Yacht Northern Star. The only Luxury International lake cruising adventure in New England!


Book your unforgettable international cruising experience now for guaranteed good times and great memories!

Departing from Newport's City Dock and Gateway Center • GPS Address: 84 Fyfe Dr, Newport Vermont 05855